Leadership Communication Training

Ask yourself if you really, truly believe this: “One must keep learning if they are to lead well”…

Well that’s us and our guess is that’s you too, so “Welcome!”

We help those who are willing and able to improve in a few strategic areas that have a strong correlation to greater levels of success and realized potential.

The Rule the Room method was created awhile back when my job was to lead (not always thrilled) Hospital Executives and Physicians through complicated software adaptations that I knew would save lives.

In the past decade I custom tailored those same principles to fit like a fine suit for leadership development.

And here’s the thing…what most people tell you about Public Speaking doesn’t work for leaders.

Let me show you why…

Let’s DOUBLE your influence.

Respect: The Secret to All Soft Skills & Leadership Skills

20-Step Video and Podcast Presentation Plan

Sophisticated Public Speaking for the Busy CEO

Meetings that Motivate: Presentations to Manage Your Meeting

Webinar Presentation Pro: No Beginners Allowed!

Public Speaking and Presentations Pro: No Beginners Allowed!

Create Killer Presentation Hooks: The Secret Pitch

Coming Soon

We’re developing new and exciting content to add to Leadership Communication Training.

  • Assertiveness: 17 Steps to “Rock Star” Confidence

  • Public Speaking and Presentations: The “Impress Factor”

  • Listening Skills: #1 Soft Skill Success Factor in Business